Movement for Body, Mind & Soul Nia is a powerful, fun, creative movement practice, a fusion of dance arts, martials arts and healing arts, a fantastic workout and so much more !

Body-mind-spirit fitness, Nia is more than just a workout! Nia goes with you outside of the gym and into your life. Nia is a holistic experience, a movement and lifestyle practice that heals and conditions people’s bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Nia is a playful, integrative approach that evokes joy, pleasure and comfort. A self-expressive art, a practice and lifestyle that fosters vitality and well-being. Nia respects the natural intelligence of the body and who you are, to adapt to fit your personal needs and help you achieve the level of cardiovascular fitness, toning, strengthening and flexibility you desire. Nia will inspire you to make moving a part of everyday living. Nia is going to train you in the art of sensation. Safe enough to be experienced in bare feet, each class incorporates a unique focus, directing your attention to something different to ensure you receive constant changes and results.
It’s exactly what you need; it’s what we all need!


Maëlle André, Nia Technique White Belt Certificate, I’m also artist, photographer, art teacher, painter, music lover, traveler, free spirit. I have completed the Nia White Belt training in Ghent in November 2015 with the great Ann Christiansen. I discovered the Nia Technique in 2013 when I started taking classes in Belgium twice a week. I immediately felt in love with the technique, it is for me the perfect combination of a fitness training and a relaxation method. I did several years of dance in the past (modern jazz and hip hop…) and I practiced yoga (vinyasa flow and ashtanga). Before getting to know the Nia Technique, I never had the chance to connect with my body this way and to feel the joy of the movement. Nia is the perfect workout (giving me more strength and sculpting my body), it is a dancing meditation (giving me the relaxation that I need, reducing my stress and replacing it with joy and pleasure), it is the connection with my body that I need (reconnecting me with my inner self, expressing my inner child, getting aware of my feelings and emotions). Dancing allows me to let go but also to love myself unconditionally for who I am and to love my life gratefully.