Inspirations : Winter 2017

Grâce à la magie d’internet et des réseaux sociaux, chaque jour je découvre des talents, des idées, des nouveautés qui m’inspirent et m’épatent. Voici mes inspirations au travers de découvertes Instagram ! Artistes & créatifs à découvrir & à suivre…

★ Vegan ★


Spread kindness. Make a difference. For our planet and the animals.


Lina Saber. Health Vegan Lifestyle Recipes.


Christina & Ray Vegan couple. Food is art.


yommme® christine wong | nyc food media content creator editor @thefeedfeed @realfoodforkids


Gaby Lucia from baltimore & los angeles


Daily vegan recipes by @BrusselsVegan NYC

★ Craft ★


From Barcelona living in Asheville artist Judit Just


Danielle Stewart Playing with yarn & colour


Lee Leibrandt Weaving as a daily practice

★ Art ★


Watercolor Art & Ipad Drawing


Amy Colorist & Illustrator


Filip Hodas 3D illustrator from Prague


Josie Lewis: Mini supernova made with colors and Art Resin.


Ana Victoria Calderón painter from Mexico City


3D art & animation

★ Jewelry ★

Jewellery, Crystals & Fine Art Your reference for exceptional stones


Ashley & Jordan French Energy infused crystals & handcrafted jewelry + sacred lifestyle decor + tools for conscious living


Bohemian Jewelry Designer


Magazine • Movement • Coaching All-inclusive womanhood, personal growth + entrepreneurship

★ Design ★


Crystal Healer & Energy Alchemist


Crystal Healer & Energy Alchemist


Nicole Stained Glass Art Drawn and handmade by me in Florida


Design Junkie | Julieta Tello Story-teller Decorator + Biz Coach. Supporting Artisans around the world to Preserve & Revitalise their Textile Traditions

★ Magic ★


Crystal Healer & Energy Alchemist


Dara Muscat Jewelry designer, artist, advocate for human empowerment and mental health


Corina Alulquoy Brown Designer & Owner of @wildandfreejewelry from California

★ Travel ★


Sharing the beauty of our planet in order to raise awareness for our environment


Dotz Soh Travel & Influencer

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