Inspirations : Summer 2018

Grâce à la magie d’internet et des réseaux sociaux, chaque jour je découvre des talents, des idées, des nouveautés qui m’inspirent et m’épatent. Voici mes inspirations au travers de découvertes Instagram ! Artistes & créatifs à découvrir & à suivre…

★ Beauty ★


Comestics creator & youtuber I know since Myspace


Lottie makeup artist I follow since I started photography


Founder of mood hair inc & model


Mother & Daughter goals

★ Jewelry ★


Spreading a little sparkle @sophiehannahbeauty


Talisman sacred fine jewelry & Sacred geometry

★ Photography ★


One of my favorite fashion and beauty photographer


Fine art photographer


Artist I love since many years

★ Art ★


Urban artist & painter


Studio of Graphic and Textile Design


Artist painter I'm in love with the colors


Watercolor & illustration artist

★ Design ★


Furniture design studio


Interior photographer & stylist

★ Vegan ★


Nourish yourself in a rainbow of ways


Vegan Food With Gratitude


Plant-based recipes & inspiration

★ Magic ★


Graphic design & lover of the mystical & magical


My friend Aya Chiba, crystal reiki healing in the Himlayas

★ Travel ★




Driving 14 countries from LA to Argentina


Adventure Enthusiast


Steve's body of work spans conflicts, ancient traditions, and culture, yet always retains the human element

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