Maëlle André is a multi-talented artist born in Belgium in 1987. Captivated by imagery since a very early age and being brought up in a family of artists & musicians;  she found herself accredited with a lot of artistic influences. Self-taught and determinate, her creativity comes from fashion, music, cinema… Adventurer and independent, she is passionate by the desire to discover the world and her numerous travels are a constant source of inspirations.

Published internationally in various magazines, showcased in exhibitions and well represented on the internet; she collaborates with fashion designers, brands, artists, music labels and medias for the realization of editorials, music videos, album artwork, look book, promotional pictures… She also works as a web designer, graphic designer, painter. She attended different art schools and studied art history, graphic design, visual communication, fashion design. She finds interest in everything creative: painting, drawing, singing, playing music, dancing and she is a certified NIA fitness dance teacher.

After traveling in Europe & the US, being inspired by California & New York many times, she felt in love with Asia, especially with Nepal where she moved in 2014. There she founded « We Art One » a non-profit structure which promotes art and give access to art education for underprivileged children in developing country like Nepal. Beside her work, she is volunteering in her project:  teaching art classes and kids workshops, painting into schools and being involved in various fundraising projects.




Belgium +32 497 85 76 96


Nepal +977 981 914 10 31

Editorial & Publications

Elle Magazine
Inked Girls Magazine
Victoire Magazine
Coco Magazine
BenTrovato Magazine
Superior Magazine
Papercut Magazine
Motel Magazine
Jute Magazine
Fuss Magazine
The Storm Magazine
Lucy’s Magazine
Flanelle Magazine
PólisArt Magazine
Trend Magazine
About Mag
Blush Magazine
Front Magazine
Apparel Magazine
Tattoo Revolution Magazine
TattooistArt Magazine
Brussels Is Burning
Boy London


Sony Music (Lea Lu, Ivo)
Atmosphèriques (Medi, Swann)
Pias (Bert Ostyn)
Jaune Orange (Pale Grey, MLCD)
Pure FM – RTBF – Classic21  (Festival Invasion, Nuits Bota, Showcases, Animateurs)
ESA Saint Luc Tournai
Wonder Vintage Market
Doriane Van Overeem
Cookie Ann
David Giampiccolo
Lolly Wish
Fanny Myard
Grey Like Masquerade
Kiss Diss Clothing


Brussels Fashion Days 2nd Edition
Exhi-B March & October, Brussels
G.A.L.A. at Mr Wong, Brussels
Carre d’Esse, Liège

Brussels Fashion Days 1st Edition
Exhi-B October, Brussels
Yellow Pimento at Vintage Hotel Brussels, Represented by Worbz
Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Represented by AppArt Gallery

American Road Trip at Libertine Supersport K-NAL, Brussels
Tattoos at AppArt Gallery, Brussels

Since January 2015, Maëlle started her own educative organization We Art One which promotes art education in developing country like Nepal. The last few months, she dedicated her time to teach art and to share her artistic knowledge. We Art One is working into schools teaching art classes, providing creative solutions and artistic improvements, creating handicraft and fundraising events to help them and organizing kids workshop for underprivileged children.

Read her blog to know about her traveling stories between Belgium & Nepal for « Les Nouveaux Voyageurs », see her « Do It Yourself » recycled creative projects and try her « Easy Vegan » blog with healthy & easy vegan recipes.