Maëlle André is a multi-talented artist born in Belgium. Captivated by imagery and colors since a very early age and being brought up in a family of artists & musicians; she found herself accredited with a lot of artistic influences. Self-taught and determinate, her creativity comes from fashion, music, cinema and her travels. Published internationally in various magazines, showcased in exhibitions and well represented on the internet; she collaborates with fashion designers, brands, artists, music labels and medias. She works as a freelancer web designer, graphic designer, painter, photographer and filmmaker. She attended different art schools and studied art history, graphic design, visual communication and fashion design. She finds interest in everything creative: painting, drawing, singing, music and crafts. She is also involved in a web radio project, as a podcaster and she is a certified NIA dance teacher and Adobe Creative Suite user.

maëlle andré 2019 autoportrait

After traveling in Europe & the US from 2009 to 2012, being inspired by California & New York many times, she felt in love with Nepal, in search of a deeper meaning of her life and to find purpose to her creativity. In 2014 she moved in Nepal and she founded We Art One a non-profit structure which promotes art and give access to art education for underprivileged children in Nepal. Beside her work, she is volunteering in her project teaching art, painting murals for charity, she is involved in a dog shelter helping street dogs of Nepal and she works for a women empowerment center that helps disadvantaged women of Nepal.


Check her blog for creative Do It Yourself activities.

Maëlle’s work has been featured in many medias and magazines as: Elle Magazine (BE), Inked Magazine (US), Victoire Magazine (BE), Coco Magazine, BenTrovato Magazine, Superior Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Jute Magazine, The Storm Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Front Mag, Tattoo Revolution Magazine, INKarnation Book, WAD magazine, Boy London (UK) and many more. Maëlle’s clients list includes among others: Sony Music (Lea Lu, Ivo), Atmosphèriques (FR) (Medi, Swann), Pias (Bert Ostyn), Jaune Orange (Pale Grey, MLCD), RTBF (BE) (Pure FM, Classic21), ESA Saint Luc Tournai (BE), Doriane Van Overeem (BE), Cookie Ann (FR), David Giampiccolo (US), Lolly Wish (BE), La Claire (BE), TIMI (NL), Local Women’s Handicrafts (NP),…

Maëlle participated in a few exhibitions in Belgium: Brussels Fashion Days 2nd Edition (2013), Exhi-B March & October (2013), 
G.A.L.A. at Mr Wong Brussels (2013), Carre d’Esse Liège (2013), Brussels Fashion Days 1st Edition (2012), Exhi-B October (2012), Yellow Pimento at Vintage Hotel Brussels represented by Worbz (2012), Affordable Art Fair Brussels represented by AppArt Gallery (2012), American Road Trip at Libertine Supersport K-NAL Brussels (2011), Tattoos at AppArt Gallery Brussels (2011)