Maëlle André is an artist, photographer & videographer from Belgium. Published internationally, showcased in exhibitions and well represented on the internet; she collaborates with fashion designers, artists, music labels and medias for the realization of music videos, album artwork, look book, promotional pictures… She attended different art schools and studied art history, graphic design, visual communication, fashion design… Multi-talented artist, she finds interest in webdesign, painting, drawing, singing, music and dancing. She also teaches art & Nia dance. Since January 2015, Maëlle founded "We Art One" a non-profit structure which promotes art and give access to art education for underprivileged children in developing country like Nepal.

Captivated by imagery since a very early age and being brought up in a family of artists; Maëlle André found herself accredited with a lot of artistic influences which lead her to wanna surprise herself and her audience permanently. Self-taught and determinate, her creativity comes from fashion, music, cinema… Adventurer and independent, she is passionate by the desire to discover the world and her numerous travels are a constant source of inspirations. Choosing natural daylight in unusual outdoor locations, her work is colorful, vibrant, feminine and creative.

Collaborations with singers and musicians for the creation of music videos (filmmaking, art direction, set design and post production/editing.)

Collaborations with artists and music labels for the creation of album artwork and promotional pictures (Graphic design and photography.)

Personal project inspired by travels and positive quotes (Graphic design and photography.)

Travel photography inspired by an American Road Trip on the West Coast (Editing and photography.)

Maëlle André is the founder of We Art One: started in 2015, the aspiration of We Art One is to give access to art education & creativity to unprivileged children in Nepal. Maëlle is teaching art classes & kids workshop along with other creative projects.


Webdesign work for companies and organizations using WordPress, Shopify, Rapidweaver, Everweb…

Various illustrations and artwork on paper and on walls, using mainly acrylic and watercolor paints.

Coming from a family of artists and musicians, Maëlle André always have a special connection with music and sound. She recently started to work on personal musical projects and videos. More coming soon.

Maëlle André is writing a blog about her adventures in Nepal.  She is also sharing easy vegan food recipes and creative "Do It Yourself" activities.

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